**Cheesy Alert**

I found this list while hooking up a very old usb drive.  
This is from February 2010.  
To think that we have almost known each other for three years just boggles my mind.  

This is a list I made after I had broken up with Taylor, and then realizing I had fallen in love with him.  Funniest part about this is I didn't even realize I changed "love" to "like" in number 17.  We watched sports a lot, don't blame me. haha. 

(He obviously liked the list, because we got back together...it just took this list wrapped up in Hershey's kisses, an apologetic note from me, and a long conversation afterwards to re-ignite our relationship) 

  1. I love your hair (even when it is shorter) :D
  2. I love your lips.
  3. I love when we would kiss after a long period of not kissing.
  4. I love the way you make me smile.
  5. I love laughing with you, especially when one of us is being weird.
  6. I love cuddling with you.
  7. I love playing games even though you always win :D
  8. I love it when you tickle me while we are cuddling.
  9. I love that you have a strong testimony.
  10. I love that you served a mission in Brazil.
  11. I love how much you spend time with your family.
  12.  I love your sense of humor, and making everyone happy.
  13. I love it when you call me Cam.
  14. I loved that you would compliment my appearance daily.
  15. I love that you would tell me the qualities you like about me.
  16. I loved the experiences you would share with me.
  17. I really do like watching sports with you.
  18. I loved our couples retreats.
  19. I loved how much you supported me in my interests.
  20. I love how nice you are to every person you come across.
  21. I love that I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t like you.
  22. I love just laying next you and talking.
  23. I love taking cute pictures with you.
  24. I love how you would handle our “car” conversations.
  25. I loved being your girlfriend.

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  1. that is cheesy. I would like to know some of the stories behind a few of these