Shopping for Fall

7 For All Mankind Cropped Skinny Jeans, Neon Lime

Taylor and I are getting excited to buy a few clothes before school starts. Today is Sunday, and school starts tomorrow so we will actually be buying them after school starts. 
Hopefully things won't be so crazy in the stores? 

I was thinking about all the things I had wanted to get this summer, and then it hit me.

The  item I wanted most. Can you guess it?

It is something everyone and their mother has now bought.  

and for that reason I don't think I want it anymore.

This post is saying goodbye to mint jeans for now.

Maybe i'll change my mind later, but I hate buying an item that every girl on BYU campus will already have.   
It is my favorite color for my apartment, and jewelry and shirts I can still buy in mint. But the jeans have just gone too far.
Goodbye mint jeans! It was nice to have almost known you.
You have way too many friends at your hip.

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  1. love this post! Seriously so true! I wanted mint jeans from the beginning, and now everyone and their dog has em! what a bust! haha