This semester is going to be quite the busy semester.  On Wednesdays I have school for 12 hours straight.  I almost had to do a double take when looking at my schedule.  So yes, I am in the HFAC building at BYU from 8am to 8pm with no breaks.  I really need to stock up on a million snacks that can add up to be lunch and dinner.

 Even as this week is only halfway over, I was thinking about our weaknesses. 
We all have them. 
 I also feel like we have this need to hide our weaknesses from others, because of our need to feel perfect. That is also due in part because of our insecurities that we are imperfect. And maybe without recognizing those insecurities we are actually holding ourselves back from becoming that much closer to being perfect.

 I also think our weaknesses are a very personal and sensitive part of who we are.  When I think about some of my weaknesses--and I have many--I think what it would be like to have them a part of me more instead of trying to hide them. 

In so doing, here is a weakness I have this semester that I want to strengthen.


I am not going to lie that I am overwhelmed by this semester.  I am.  I am taking 16 credits, and I might have too many painting classes I could even die from the excess fumes--having said that: I want to come home and try my best, do my homework, go to work, make dinner, and do all that I can to be productive and have a fulfilling semester. 

 That doesn't mean I will not have days that are hard. 

I will.  
I want to experience that.
But I want my weakness of being overwhelmed to be a time of learning and growth instead of just getting through the semester.

What are your weaknesses you hope to grow from?


  1. Cam I love this post. I actually have the same weakness you are talking about. I think a way we could both grow from that weakness is to try to live more in the moment. I think both our husbands are great at that and we can learn and grow from them in our times of feeling overwhelmed.

    love you girl.

  2. Well I think you know what some of my weaknesses are! I am trying to be more flexible and go with the flow of things, pretty much any time I think I don't want to do something that I know I should do I force myself to do it. I mean I am sure not always but at least when I catch it. Thanks Camilia for sharing! You have so many talents and are so beautiful it is nice to know you are human too ;)