A year ago Today.

 Looking back.  A year ago today....a year? Time really goes by fast. 
 I remember the day well. 
 I was missing Taylor like crazy, we had only gone a month and a half without seeing each other, but for some reason we had missed each other a lot more than his months in Brazil over the summer.  I was so excited and nervous to see him.  
We had no cell phones, and I remember sending him a message to just go towards the tube once he got off the train.  We met at Victoria station.  I had no idea Victoria station was so big. 
When I got there I thought it would be impossible to find him.  I wandered around looking for him, and luckily he found me. 
You know the feeling when you are away from someone physically for so long their voice, and physical body seems foreign to you? Well that was how it was for only a few minutes.  I think that happens when you are so happy to be back with someone it doesn't feel like reality. 
This is the day Taylor proposed.  
We walked over to Hyde Park, it was in the morning, fresh morning air, beautiful green everywhere, and everyone around us was walking their dog, playing with their dog, biking, and so forth.  It was so peaceful.  We sate down and talked once we got to a more confined area, we caught up for a little bit and just spent time together.  
After that, he told me he had something for me.  He pulled out this big black binder.  He told me I had to read every page before the next.  I agreed.
As I opened the book, he had scrapbooked our lives together from the time we started dating.  He had matted all the pictures, and put in really cute, funny memories about all the pictures.  It was really long too.  It must have taken him months to make.  I remember I thought how nice it was of him that he missed me so much.  I had no idea he was proposing.  I am a spoiled girl in the fact that these nice gestures come often.  At the end of the scrapbook he had written out a poem just for me.  I knew it had taken a lot of time. I was so grateful. 
By the end of the page I looked up and he was on one knee, I stood up, he asked me to marry him, and the tears were rolling down my cheeks by then.  I was so happy.  It was a perfect weekend in London, and it all started in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park, is my favorite park for many reasons.
1. Endless bike rides.
2. Long walks in the park with great conversations have occurred with friends, Taylor, and my family.  Isn't that so cool? I cherish those moments.
3. This is where Taylor proposed. We spent most of our evenings in Hyde Park while he was visiting. Sitting by the pond and watching the Swans at sunset was pretty legit too.
4. I lived just a few minutes from this park, and it is the biggest park I have been in that I can consider my park. 

I am just so grateful we had the opportunity to travel together, and I will always be grateful for the time we had together.  We learned a lot. Grew, and my friend took some fabulous pictures of us in Europe.  I am so grateful for the emails we shared, and the ways we grew when we were not with each other physically.

Taylor went through some of the hardest timess while he was in Portugal by himself, and it was hard not being able to be with him. Through all that we grew closer together, and learned how to treat and love one another on a greater level.  I am so grateful for the wonderful/growing experiences we have already shared together, and look forward to more of both in the future! I  am so grateful I have married an equal partner who strives to put myself before him, and always knows when I need a little bit of extra help, confidence, and positive support.

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