Getting Dirty.

As you can see, we had a little too much fun over labor day weekend.  

We found ourselves in the country of Cache Valley playing in the mud and smelling manure the whole time...oh it was lovely wading through trenches of manure. 
 Yes. Manure
 It was so fun though! Below are some pictures that were taken for FREE.  
Love this race.  
What kind of race gives you pictures for free? Sign me up for every race! 
When Taylor and I were going down the slide as you will see I was fighting for my life.  I was heading off the slide, and almost ran into a big mud pile.  You can see me fighting for my life in those pictures, and those ones are my favorite.
I look ridiculous.
Disclaimer: If you go on a mud run yourself, just know in advance you will have to take a few showers for your hair to even remotely feel normal again.

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  1. O my gosh I want to do this! That looks like so much fun!