Quick trip to San Fran

We took a little trip to San Francisco before school started, to see Taylor's family.  This was my first sight of the lovely Bridge.  I love the fog.  I don't know why, but I have always had a thing for fog.  It makes me happy. 

And if anyone wants to know.  My favorite Chinese restaurant ever is House of Nanking.  Get the lettuce wraps.  You will be pleased.

 We went sailing my first day in San Francisco.  I think Taylor was meant to be a sailor.  I probably took way too many pictures, but here they are!

 John is the one who got it together for us to go.  This was my favorite part of our trip.  If john could live on a sailboat for the rest of his life, I think he would do it.

Such a great trip! My favorite parts from it, are driving around in a huge denali so that every time we needed to stop somewhere it was impossible to find a parking place. Taylor's dad almost ran a few pedestrians over, he does not know what it means that people always have the right of way: especially on a crosswalk.
See you soon San Francisco.  Loved the sailing ride around Angel Island, Alcatraz, and of course the Golden Gate.


  1. you are so cute and such a great photographer. but really.

  2. Thanks Amy, you are so sweet. PS let's get together soon!