Work hard to Play hard.

We had a much needed fun-filled weekend.  I think because our weeks are very long and we work very hard the whole time, we use the weekend to play hard as much as we can.

Hot. Fresh. Churro.  Coming up!
 After the game, we headed up to Salt Lake City for the Brazilian festival.  We had way too much fun.  A lot of dancing, and eating to say the least.  Pictured aboce is a caramel cream filled churro: Brazilian style.  Best churro I have ever had.  If you haven't had one, you have not had a good churro.
I don't think I can have a regular churro and enjoy after having one this good.  

  Brazilian Lemonade is really good too.  We also made up a drink using half the lemonade with Guarana. It was refreshing and satisfying. I love lemonade on a hot day.

 Sometimes Taylor takes on a whole new personality.  He makes me laugh when he is being silly.
 We met Miss Brasil. She knew how to dance, as well as every other Brazilian that came to this Brazilian Fest.

Happy Weekend!

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