Busy is an understatement.

It has been quite the fall semester.  I am trying to keep up on posting, but time has been flying by.  It will be such a relief when this semester is over.  I am already in need of a break.  

No blogging is due to the large amount of time spent at school, as well as doing homework....so instead of blogging I have been painting.

Also, I have never felt so busy in my life.  I am not a morning person by any means, but I have realized that it is easier to get up in the morning..well sort of.  Maybe it's just that once I am up I don't feel too tired when I walk out the door.  

Taylor and I also have had this bad habit in the morning, where maybe we don't want the day to actually start yet, so we stay in bed as long as we possibly can.  I have thrown out all style, makeup, and good looks on the weekdays just to get a few minutes more sleep.  I can't seem to stop this habit, and sadly I don't know if I am ready to this semester.

My morning routine:
Set my alarm at 7:10.
Taylor's alarm went off at the exact same time this morning (didn't even plan that one).
Turn alarm off.
Keep sleeping for another 30 minutes.
Yes it is 7:40. 
Yes class is at 8:00.
and yes, my grade will be reduced if I have chronic tardiness.

Cheer up. 
At 7:40 I hurry and say my prayers (which maybe I should wake up just five minutes earlier so I can say a little more meaningful prayer in the morning). 
I run over to the sink, wash face, brush teeth, comb hair.
Run to bedroom.
Get dressed...while hurriedly keeping in mind the current weather for the day.
Grab banana and granola bar (those granola bars are getting old after the second straight week in a row) 
Good thing I bought 3 different flavors--oh wait they still taste the same. 
Now I have 3 boxes of granola bars to get through.
Run out to car. 
Time is approx. 7:47
Drive to school.
Get to my secret parking spot (so glad  I found it this semester).
Walk as fast as I can to the HFAC.
Finally at school.

Oh, and I haven't been tardy yet.  Is that an A for effort? I think so. 

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