Back in time

Last semester, Taylor surprised me one weekend and took me here. The Homestead. Where you might ask? This cute little place is in Midway, and it is the perfect place to have the best alone time. We had a crazy semester, and so i was really in need of having a little time off to forget everything we had to do.

...and forget we did.

We went into and swam in a crater, we ate dinner at their cute restaurant, where we ate traditional comfort food.  we had mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, pot roast, and fried chicken.  It was a fun feast, to say the least.  

We were surrounded by a lot of older couples, but I loved that aspect of it as well.  It was a cozy, quaint environment.  In a way it was like going back in time, to a simpler time.  A place where we could just focus on ourselves, and not be clouded with various activities.

It was a breath of fresh air, and so beautiful.  

I love Taylor's surprise getaways.  One of my favorite times of 2012 for sure.