Fresh Start.

I can't believe school is already starting again.  Here is to surviving another semester....and succeeding while i'm at it. 

We headed up to Logan to see my side of the family before going to California, which I forgot my camera for all of Christmas break or I would actually have some pictures. We sang Christmas songs with our nieces and nephews, opened presents, and had a really nice dinner that my mom made. Children always make Christmas.  Another reason why you want to have kids. More fun at Christmas.  Not that we are starting anytime soon, so don't get any ideas.

We had a great time visiting San Francisco during the Christmas season.  Have you ever been out by the bay for the New Years Eve fireworks? It was quite an experience.  Can't say i'll be going again. Way too many people trying to be in the same square inch for over an hour, as well as many interesting people I usually am not forced to be too close to. The fireworks were great, and it was fun trying to stay together and getting home in one piece that night.  

We visited Pleasanton while we were in California as well. Taylor took me to the dairy to get some ice cream. It was fantastic, I don't even like vanilla, but when you go to the dairy get vanilla. You will not regret it. We spent time visiting with the Johansen family, and It was fun to hang out with a smaller crowd for the day, and be able to see Nick's mom. She is a pretty neat lady, and one of my favorites to see.

The 3 week break we had was much needed. I made sure I packed the two leftover packages of chocolate truffles first in my bag to go home. Thank you Grandma Blair, that is my favorite treat.  We were well fed by both sides of our family, and it was wonderful to be able to see almost everyone.  This  is also the last Christmas Carson will be spending with his family, can't wait to find out where he goes on his mission.

This year went by so fast, and looking back it has been a pretty darn good one. Taylor and I were so busy last semester, but we always made sure we found fun time to spend together.  I know that as we look back on these younger marriage years, we will miss it. Besides already needing a  bigger kitchen, we have been doing just fine in our little apartment (you know its small when your toaster and microwave completely fill up your counter space).  It is really fun to only live with your best friend, and running the house anyway we see fit.  Sometimes we buy treats or make food loving the fact that no roommate or child will be eating the remains while we are not looking. Here's to enjoying life at whatever stage you are at.

We have also had to come back to the reality of the bitter cold. and I mean can it be anymore frigid outside? I can't recall a time it was this cold in Utah? My first venture out to my car consisted of at least thirty minutes outside before I could drive away. I wish I could say bye to this negative weather. It had been sitting there the whole winter break and ended up with about a foot of ice all over it.  In the mean time, my car had snow all around it, and a nice guy had to come and get my car out of the parking spot. I think my car wins in having the worst traction. 

I hope this new year brings great memories, as well as a few new goals I want to consider accomplishing. I want to actually be able to play my guitar.  I want to remember that it is okay that I am not perfect at everything.  This life is a constant time to Change. Overcome. Grow. Learn. Come into myself. realizing who I am each step of the way.  It is okay to make mistakes too, that is what repentance is for, and I think we often times beat ourselves up too much about it. 

Also, the grass is NOT greener on the other side. I want to enjoy life where i'm at, and stop dreaming about what could have been, or what I wish to come in the future. The future will be here before I know it. The present will soon become the past, so enjoy it while it is hot.

Enjoy every little, what seems to be insignificant, moment and document the little things. Let out every laugh and tear, and feel with all your heart. We only live each year once, and I choose how I want it to be, and who I want to be in my life.

Who do you want to be this year?


  1. Love your blog, Cam. You inspired me to make a new one!

  2. nice thoughts, glad you had such a wonderful holiday

  3. Thanks Sabrina, I hope you come visit soon. We would love to have you come in our apartment.

    Christine, I am glad I can inspire someone :D