My First Race

Here is a picture of this one time a long time ago when I ran a half marathon.  My first race ever, kind of a dumb idea, but proud about it anyway (I would suggest perhaps just a smaller one to start off). I worked so hard, and really had to push myself in order to be able to do this.  I don't know how I ended up finishing because my last practice before the actual race I only got to 8 miles. It was a miracle.

Fast forward to now.

I have been really wanting to wake up in the morning and find time to exercise. For one it makes me feel so great, and I just want to get some muscle back on my body.  Know what I am saying?

Before I ever do anything, I have to make a plan and chart out when I will do everything.  So I made a chart.  I figured out in the 12 weeks what workouts I should be doing every day for P90X.  I was really excited.

We are now at mid-semester. Is it really almost March?

I have had this plan since January, and still I haven't worked out.  No not even once.  I know how pathetic that sounds.

For some reason this semester I am in love with the idea of getting 9 hours of sleep.  9 hours is heaven.  And on the days where 9 hours is possible, even when I plan to wake up to exercise, sleep wins.  Sleep has been winning the past few weeks.  I know how ridiculous this sounds.  I know that if you really want something, you should do it right?   Well...I must not really want it.  But I want to really want it.

I set my alarm, wake up and then my sleeping self decides that I can sleep longer, and that I will fit in working out another time.  EVERY dang time....and Mr. Lund will be really surprised when I actually get up and work out.

Why oh why am I not a morning person? How do you become a morning person anyway? I wake up early a lot of days, and I still would always rather sleep for 9 hours. Maybe nobody is a morning person, but you just get up and get what needs to be done? Alright, alright.  I will work on it.  I just keep thinking when we have a baby how I will probably never get 9 hours of sleep again.  NEVER.  So maybe that is why I am hugging so tightly to the idea of sleep.  It is a wonderful thing.

So I thought that if I posted this fail on my blog, maybe it would motivate me to just do the first workout.  Then once I have re-connected with exercise, I will remember how great it is, and keep doing it.

Cross your fingers!


  1. When I haven't worked out for a while I start small. I make the goal to do something with my body everyday, even if it is only for 10 min. I mean you can find ten minutes if you really want to and can do it in your house! For me it is about building the habit more than anything, so first I build the habit of doing 10 min everyday and then I can move it up from there. Getting started is the hardest though. I haven been where you are at. And one of the only reasons I get my at least 10 min in right now is because Marshall will only make me my nightly smoothie if I have done something physical. :) any motivation helps right!

    1. Good Idea! I am sure Taylor will help me too. I know I just have to get started, and maybe i'll try at least 10 minutes. Thanks Mar!

  2. Replies
    1. I know. I seriously need some help because summer will be here before I know it!

  3. Plus it helps if you really love what you are doing for exercise, like roller derby, i can't get enough of it. I am also proud to say that some nights (and lately it is happening a lot, and I am so not feeling guilty about it) I totally get nine hours of sleep. Good luck and have some fun!!!

    1. Well I wish you were up here playing roller derby. I am sure I would love it, and love having you by my side! Thanks for the inspiration.