Valentines day Valentines day Valentines day Valentines day

On Valentines day, Taylor surprised me buy telling me he was making dinner. He wasn't getting home until 630, so I wasn't sure what he was going to make.  He brought home PF Changs.  Which is perfect, because we didn't have to eat in the BUSY restaurant.  

After dinner, Taylor surprised me with a puppy.  How thoughtful is that? I really want a puppy, but we live in an apartment and there are no pets allowed. So he rented it on Valentines day.  His name is Blue.  He was a lot of fun. 

A few things I learned about Valentines day this year:

-I like this holiday a lot more being married.
-I have really come to appreciate the little things Mr. Lund does for me.
-I am becoming obsessed with all things pastry.  I had to make up a breakfast pastry.
-Mr. Lund is real good, and I mean good, at writing sweet, heartfelt poems about love.
-On Valentines, I would most definitely rather make origami hearts than doing homework.

I have realized a few things I think are super super important when it comes to love. Our love. 

Every second of our marriage, I have known and felt that Taylor loves me.  That he cares about me. We still haven't had our first "fight", and who knows when that will come, or if it will.  I love that even if we disagree on something, or we are not understanding each other, that we will listen to each other and figure it out.  Working through something is so much different than fighting.  

I feel like I can say anything to Taylor, and know that he loves and supports me.  He tells me I am beautiful every day. He believes in me, and what I can do. He puts the toilet seat down (and I don't even nag him about it).  He makes me dinner when I come home late, always takes out the trash, and if I am really tired nudges me so we can get on our knees and pray.    

I love seeing Mr. Lund every day, and going forward in life with someone by my side.  I love the love we have, and know it is special.  I try to work at it every day so It will always stay that way.  

One advice I always try to remember is to never say anything to Taylor that I will regret. I try to always treat him like I love him.  I know that he will always forgive me when I make mistakes, but that doesn't mean he would forget what I said if it hurt deep enough. I can still be hurt by something or we can have misunderstandings, but I cannot remember anything either one of us has said in the past to create a scar that we could not forget. That is so beautiful to me.  

My favorite thing about Valentines, is that we were together. I don't care about flowers, or chocolate, mostly I just need my husband to make me happy. Isn't it so so wonderful? 

I hope you felt some love on Valentines Day! 


  1. Dear Camilia, I loved your V Day blog post. Makes me very happy to hear how much you two love each other. The puppy is adorable! Love You, Mom

    1. Thanks so much for looking! We love each other still, and it has almost been a year since we got married. Crazy huh?