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1st Anniversary

I can't believe I have been married to this boy for exactly one year today.  The time has certainly flown by.  We have learned a lot about each other, and I just feel so much closer to him.  I am so excited for the years to come, and I just think it went by way too fast. Our first year of marriage was filled with great memories, laughs, and love.  I am so glad I have a best friend I can turn to always, and who will lift me up when I need some lifting.  To celebrate we will be tasting our 1 year old cake (gag).  I know, it will be gross, but we have to do it...we saved it for 1 whole year.   

And did my hair grow 8 inches this year? I think so.  It has become quite the little nuisance, but I can't seem to cut it off.

We are also very excited for our trip to Brazil.  We will be leaving Thursday.  So glad we saved up for this so I can meet people form Taylor's mission, as well as enjoy ourselves a little bit after such a demanding year of school and work.  

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