J Crew
Shirt: J Crew Pants (old) : Urban Shoes: American Eagle

I found a great deal on this shirt, so I thought I would try at it with "fashion" blogging. I certainly have no idea what I am doing but I put my shirt on and went out and tried it. I also refused to get ready for the shoot, seeing as I don't get ready a lot I thought it would be more authentic and genuine of me to post. And if I think I'm beautiful with minimal makeup I should be able to take pictures of myself like that right? Also to note, I lost my straightener over Christmas break, and apparently I haven't missed it that much. My new favorite hair (or lazy hair) is just getting out of bed and brushing it. So there you go!

I really love the "in between" sweater. Even in the spring, I get cold easily, so I love the warm shirts that aren't too warm, but help keep me warm just enough. So I was lucky enough to find this little shirt yesterday at City Creek. At J Crew. For a whopping $16.