There is no doubt I have finally "tasted" the rainbow. 
 I have no words for the experience we had here at Iguazu falls.  This is one of those times that a picture cannot duplicate the magical place we saw.  I had a hard time accepting that fact when we were there as  not one picture I took looked as good as what was right in front of me. I felt like this place was not real.  We saw so many rainbows, and the soothing sound of the falls was a constant reminder of where we were.  Best view I have ever had while eating lunch on the little dock. I mean, who can beat all those rainbows in your view?  
Taylor also talked me into going repelling.  I did not want to go when we were there, but we had already bought our tickets. Sigh.  We were both scared out of our pants, and I wasn't sure if these ropes would actually hold us up.  Of course they did.  We were glad we overcame our fear of heights at least for a short time. 

Did we really have to come back? 


  1. So beautiful! I can only imagine how it was in person! So Jealous!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I am jealous of this adventure that you guys had. So Fun! I want to hear your stories in the studio.

  3. I LOVE your blog and all your photos! So beautiful!