This was our view from the hotel! I absolutely loved it! 

For those of you who haven't yet enjoyed going on a trip with Taylor this will be good to note. This is what Taylor looks like when I know we are about to go on an adventure. It's his adventure face. It is pretty much constant throughout any vacation, even if we are on a cruise. Taylor brings out the little kid in me, and I adore that about him.  He truly is a little kid at heart and I think that's part of the reason I love him so much. This was his look as we started to embark on our journey to follow the beach shore wherever it took us. Taylor also thought it would be awesome if we just walked from beach to beach. Little did we know that they all don't quite connect. We walked a very far distance, and soon it was clear we had to get in the water to keep going. We were waist deep in water passing fisher's and they were probably wondering who these tourists were just wading through their fishing territory. We then couldn't follow the beach any longer and found an exit to the city. We escaped by going through someones backyard as they were picking fruit from their tree. What an adventure it was! 

This is one of those places I dream about. I had no idea there were beaches like this. I guess they reserved this beach solely for us, because they knew we would love it.  It was perfect.  Just me and the hubs on this beach by ourselves.  We considered ourselves very lucky.  Taylor brought his adventurous self and we hiked a trail up to a rock to see a pretty great view of the beach below us. 

We also ate at a really good steakhouse in Brazil.  This is a picture of their oven.  It was really cool to see them cooking, and wow was it a good dinner! They also don't have lemons here, but they sure do know how to make a mean limeade. We ate as much as we could while we were here, and I certainly was not trying to look good at the beach.  I think we probably gained 10 pounds while we were here.

This was a pizza place near our hotel.  Best pizza I have had in a long time.  I wish I had brought my camera the first night we were here because we had a lot more. We came back a second time to get this little mini pizza for an appetizer.  It was delish! I am weak for good food and sweet cafe's on the street. 


  1. Looks like a dream! Is that the suit you made the high waisted bottoms for? Adorable! love love love

  2. I love the clean + sleek feeling of your blog and how visual it is!

    I found you on Happy Kid's Blog Hop and gave you a follow on BlogLovin' :)

  3. Sorry, I didn't see these earlier! Thanks for the follow :D

  4. It really was the best! I just bought those at ASOS for 10.00 free shippping. Did I say FREE? haha.