One of the reasons I love Brazil is because I love the contrast between these new modern buildings next to these worn down ones.  It is beautiful.
We were so lucky! Our hotel was right on the Copacabana beach.  We also ran into Chuck Liddell and his family.  They were staying at our hotel.  I felt like a creeper taking photos of them, so instead we talked with them like we didn't know he was famous. For those who don't know, he is famous for his UFC fighting.
Flavellas.  It is really hard to get a good picture of these.  They are everywhere though! They will take over mountains and I saw so many whenever we would be driving on the freeway. There is something fascinating about them, but it is also a very sad place to be.  We did not go near them because they are very dangerous. Right now Rio police is going into the Flavellas to throw the drug lords into prison.  Some of the children's lives that live here is really sad.
Make sure you eat here if you come to Rio.  It is one of the oldest restaurants, and all the famous people like the Queen of England would come eat here when they would visit.
We tried a passion fruit tart! So good.  Also Papaya fruit is really gross. Who would have known?
Our sweet hotel! Good job babe for picking out one of the best!
Taylor looks like a natural model whenever I am not pointing the camera his way.  Luckily I was able to sneak this one.  Once he knows I am taking a picture there is no way I could get a picture like this. He is a handsome one. I am so lucky. Oh and I love coconut water here! 
Watching the sunset.

This is one of the families from Taylor's first area of his mission we were able to spend a few days with.  They are so fun, and are some of the kindest and giving people
Taylor had been wanting the whole time we were here to dance to Samba.  It is some pretty fun music. A band ended up playing on our train ride down from the amazing christ statue, and Taylor made me get up and dance...yes he has to talk me into these kinds of things.  We ended up having a lot of fun though!

We had such a great time here in Rio.  It was fantastic just being able to walk along the beach, and seeing the Christ statue is quite amazing. One of the funniest things when we go on a trip, is that people cannot take a picture of us that is even remotely showing where we are.  We often look for someone with a nice camera, or an Asian.  Asian's really do know how to take photos.  So far this has given us a lot better photos.  

We loved our time in Brazil, and I really cannot believe it was over so fast! I am so glad Taylor planned  this trip so I could meet the culture and people that is so close to his heart.  The culture of Brazil is really great. Everyone is just genuinely nice, warm, and willing to help.  I absolutely loved it! 

I am already missing the great Acai.....


  1. Ah Cami! you are so good at telling a story through your photography! ps you are a hottie at the beach :)

    1. Thanks Maressa! You as well. I am loving your Japan posts! I need to see you ASAP.

  2. I'd love to travel to Brazil. Looks like you had an amazing time! You two make a lovely couple!

    I've just followed you back on bloglovin' :)


    1. I would definitely recommend a trip there! I fell in love. Although we went when it wasn't so hot so that was probably nicer. Thank you!

  3. Simply amazing photos! I've always wanted to visit just to see the giant statue.

    Thanks for finding me and following along! I'm loving your blog and following on bloglovin now too :)

    1. Thanks so much! The statue in and of itself is really amazing. I love how you can still see it when you are on the beach.

  4. So fun! I am slightly jealous and Neil was dying when he saw these pics. I LOVE Passion fruit. Anything Passion fruit, just about. Neil makes a really yummy passion fruit mousse. WHEN you guys come over, we'll make it!

    1. Okay please can we do that like next week? I already know Taylor would love that, and well...me too! We miss you guys!