I was looking through some old pictures, and came across these beauties. Well to be honest, the black & white ones were during a pretty awkward hair growth stage.  But even then, it is fun looking back on what you looked like at various stages in your life.  It makes me want to go raid my parent's closet so I can have more old pictures with me & my family.  I don't know what it is about old photos, but they are nostalgic.  I need to put it on my list to get organized and scan all the photos I want from my parent's.  Has anyone else done that? Any tips? Oh and I want a polaroid camera! Way too fun. 


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    1. I know! Taylor looked at this picture not even realizing a horse can be this small. I said that's because it is a pony.

  2. so, we spent a ton of time when we got married going through and scanning old family photos for a slideshow that we had my cousin put together--and then we lost the cd. had her burn us another copy and we lost that too! so now we don't have them and I need to do something because I love those old pictures too!
    also, tanner got me an old poloraid for a gift last year and it's so cool! I want to figure out a fun way to display the pictures and do a project with it

    1. That is pretty great! I want to go through both my parents stuff so I actually have more than just a few. You have got to back up online maybe and then you can't lose your pictures! hahaha I am so glad you lose your keys and other important things just like me. I am jealous of your polaroid. I want to see that project when you figure it out :D

  3. Old photos are nostalgic...they are just special and unique. Have a great weekend.