So this is my friend Maressa, and she is moving to New York & leaving me in Utah.  I definitely hope we can make it out to visit sometime.  She is one of those friends I can do anything with.  So far this summer every time we hang out never seems long enough.  She is a true friend, and I am really going to miss her. I took these pictures of her one afternoon while we had driven to the middle of nowhere. Literally dirt roads to get here, but it was a fun time.  She was so easy to take pictures of because she has such an honest, genuine, and happy personality.  She is one of those people that her beauty on the inside makes her glow on the outside. So glad we have social media, so that way we will not completely fall out of touch with each other.  You will have such an awesome adventure on this new chapter in your life...oh and she documents them here if you are interested.

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