This summer has been full of so many activities.  One of which included the family and I camping up in the mountains, while handing out as many cowboy hats as we could.  The kids sure loved them, but I couldn't get Taylor to put one on.  Maybe next year I can talk him into it!

I look forward most to seeing my brothers & sisters.  We don't live super far away, but far enough that we don't see each other often enough. I love spending time with them & their kids, & talking with my sisters. This time just never seems to lasts long enough.

What is it with kids & camping? I am so glad when we go camping there are no electronic devices. These kids act like they have been cooped up all year & finally have a chance to roll around in the mud. 

They reminded me when I was that same age going to the family reunion.  Every niece & nephew was ready to show me their "secret" hiding spot.  I remember treasuring those spots when I was little too, but I forgot about all the scratches & itching from getting to and from the secret spot. 

They couldn't stop running around, & sometimes their little feet could not carry them as far as they wanted to go. 

Their energy kept me entertained all weekend long.

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  1. Great pics, it was so much fun and so good to see you! I am glad that even as an adult though it seemed too short!