We took a little road trip with one of our couple friends.  We went to one of our good friends wedding.  It was a fun 9 hour drive.  We got in real early in the morning. The boys were treated to golf in the early morning, but lucky for us girls we were able to get enough sleep in.

Can I just point out that this wins the best reception at a golf course.  How beautiful.  I had never been to this part of Colorado, but I now know I could live here if we needed to.
These two have been best friends and goofballs together since they were little.  They have made me watch multiple times home videos they have made together when they are young.  Oh they are entertaining when they are together! & my husband is looking pretty dang good in his wedding attire.

Way to coordinate clothes.  The kids look very well mannered.  I did not even attempt this kind of a picture at my wedding, it was quite a different picture.  Babies crying, etc

While waiting to for our boys to take groomsmen pictures, we decided to dance & frolick across this beautiful golf course.  Taylor got really into it, & I might add he tries to get me to dance everywhere.  Restaurants, movie theaters, you name it he has tried it!
I also took some pictures of the couple who rode down this us! They will be getting married in August, and they look ridiculously good together. Beautiful photos forever. Lucky ducks. 

& the beautiful golf course with a storm coming in.  How breathtaking.  I might add that later in the reception there was a dance party & both Taylor & his friends went wild.  I think he has been dance deprived since we have been married.  We don't get invited to the single dance parties, nor should we go to them.  Taylor still thinks we should, but I am glad he will be able to dance a few more times and some of the weddings we will go to.

On another note: Weddings make me so happy, the family, good food, and just having the day all planned out for you is so great.  It is the best to see some close friends making this commitment. I have yet to  hold in my tears at a wedding. It is sort of embarrassing when I don't even know the couple very well.  I am just so dang happy, I cry. Every time. Without fail.
& I cry because love is such a beautiful thing.

Oh & here is a video I took of these two groomsmen AFTER everyone had left.  Note that they also tied napkins to their heads, but you have to give it to them that they like to have fun.  Mr. Lund's new favorite artist is Taylor Swift due to this song.


  1. Rachel Holmes :)July 10, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    Aw I love this post! Those frolicking pics are so cute, we should have done some! I'm so happy you guys could come, and that we got to spend some time together the day before! Those boys sure make things entertaining.....I'm excited to hang out in the fall. All of us married....crazy. Love you xoxo

  2. Thanks Rachel HOLMES! Seriously loved your wedding, & spending time with you guys. We are going to have so much fun. Make sure to invite me and Tay to things...we won't be living in the same building as all of you love birds!

  3. Laura Gourley ZundelJuly 17, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    Beautiful outdoor wedding! and your outfit was adorable. Love that dress and color on you.

  4. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! Where is it from??

  5. Thanks Laura! Yes, a very pretty wedding. So glad I was invited.

  6. Thank you! I know, I love the lace detail. It is from Dillards, it is by Antonio Melani. I love his dresses, & they go on sale a lot.