I have been lagging on being able to catch up on our posts.  This summer has just gotten pretty busy, with lots & lots of weddings. I am so glad within our 10 hour drives that we have a day or so to enjoy California. These roadtrips have seemed a little long at times, but it has been a fun experience as well. 

When you are with friends for 10 hours in a car, the conversations & games are just a little more entertaining to me for some reason.  

After next week, I think we will be done with summer weddings. It's our last one, but we are really excited for it to! 

We went on a fun little drive to California to go to our friends wedding.  We roadtripped with two of our favorites as well.  Taylor had also found some of his high school burned CD's. We were entertained all trip singing to those songs.  A good throwback thursday in our books. On our day before the wedding we were able to have some fun! We went to Balboa & rode bikes to start. 

I was having way too much fun taking pictures while I was riding my bike.  Perhaps not the smartest thing to do, but it made for a fun challenge. 

This was the next day at our wedding breakfast we were invited to.  What an amazing breakfast we had, & they gave out the recipe to their french toast.  New favorite restaurant for doing such a kind deed.  It did smell like a dead fish over in this area, but you only get a bad whiff of it every once in a while.

Our sweet group we spent time with. So glad we had all of them there.

The San Diego temple is one of my favorite temples.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to go inside.  It was so beautiful, & their sealing was a special one.

What a gorgeous couple.  Some people just look extraordinary on their wedding day, this was one of those times.

So we went to the beach in Laguna while we were here too.  Our friend Brooke let us all stay at her parent's house.  We were very lucky to spend time with them, & we were able to hang out at this private beach here.  Needless to say, it would be fun to live here.

The boys trying to figure how the heck to take this boat out into the ocean.  It was fun watching them figure that out. Everyone except me, also tried to go on a little hike around the beach area.  I wanted to just take pictures, & it really didn't look too safe with all the waves nearby.  Luckily, a lifeguard came over to affirm the fears I had & they had to come back anyway.  Made for some great pictures of three arch bay though!

This is the view from the house we stayed at.  They love it i'm sure.  I had a hard time leaving my window when we had to leave. It is beautiful in the morning.


  1. Your wedding outfit is so cute! I love the skirt, where is it from?
    P.s Don't forget to renew your swap with me!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I got it online at ASOS. Love that store.

  3. Just looked this up, will visit more often to see what you two lovebirds are always doing. It is so wonderful that you both are so active, having fun. thanks, Taylor for providing so much for my sweet daughter, you seem like your alot of fun. Shana