Singing & having deep conversations with my husband.  Sometimes roadtrips alone together are a whole new ball game.

We went and visited the mission in Santa Barbara.  It was a very beautiful place.  Can't believe people still live here.  

There are so many awesome plants in Santa Barbara.  Taylor & I were literally drooling after every stinking unique one.

Let's rewind back to the olden days.  Seriously? If I had a theater this cool looking I would probably dress up like I was in the sixties. 

Taylor found his favorite restaurant probably in the United States. Their Acai bowls are almost identical to the ones to Brazil.  We are there twice that day, & we still didn't get enough.

We walked to the pier in Santa Barbara.  I just can't get over how beautiful it is & why haven't I been here before? My favorite was taking pictures of these asians...they supported me in taking a picture & made some goofy faces.

After eating dinner at the Brazilian restaurant & dancing to the live music, we headed over to get some danish pastries. Hello dessert.

& then we ended with my favorite.  An outdoor movie with Cary Grant while eating some pastries.

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