Seriously? I had no idea my hair looked like this.  So. Much. Hair.

I had to take this.  A cute old asian having a smoke break. I don't know why, but I love this picture.

Went through these markets in China Town.  It felt like I was no longer in the United States.  Nothing was in english.  There were a ton of bottled or canned goodies that I had no idea what they were or if they come from an animal.  It would be interesting to really cook like their culture.  

 So school is about to start next week.  I am excited, sad, happy, never want to leave, and never want to go back. How does that work?  I am grateful that I can go back to school, because I really want to finish my degree.

& school doesn't start until Tuesday, and I had an assignment due last night. Given it wasn't very hard, but I already have negative feelings towards that teacher.

We went to California a last time for a wedding.  They got married in the Oakland temple, and we got there a day early so we would be able to spend one day in San Fran.  I love this city.  The MOMA is going to be closed for a long time, but there was still plenty else to do.

We went down to Pier 39, ate at my favorite Bistro Boudin. Because who can say no to San Francisco sourdough pizza? Not me. Because by the way, the air is so different in San Francisco that the sourdough here is unique to San Fran.  If that is a sales tactic, they got me because I get it every time I am here.

If you have been following any of my recent posts you can obviously tell my love for good food. & pastries.  You have to have 1 pastry on a vacation I say.

We took the trolley down to China Town, & strolled through the alleyways.  We found the Fortune Cookie Factory, & it was free to go to & fun to be in.


  1. Love San Francisco. Great pictures!!

    Beautiful blog.




  2. San Fran is amazing! Love these pictures, it looks so fun! And that picture of the pizza looks so yummy!


  3. Thanks! I know I get homesick for San Francisco. It is like my second home.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I will admit, I have to get at least one sourdough margherita pizza when I am in San Francisco...& I usually try to get more haha.