So school started.

I am so beyond busy, I have yet to keep up on this blog! But that's okay, because it really is for me anyway.  & since I have been busy, it has been super hard to sit down & think.

We also haven't been going on any fun trips or weddings since the school year began, & so pictures are a little scarce.  The holidays are coming up though so be prepared.

I cut my hair!  I have been thinking about it for months, & finally did it.  I don't know why, but I all of a sudden hated my long hair.  I donated 14 inches off, & I feel so proud. Literally feel like a huge weight has been taken off of me.  I feel free!

Everyone around me was NOT supportive of my idea of cutting my hair. I combatted their disdain by replying that I was going to donate my hair to cancer children.  I am so happy I went ahead and cut my hair against everyones wishes.  Seriously, sometimes when you want to do something, just do it.  Sometimes it is necessary to take advice with a grain of salt.  I have cut my hair and haven't looked back.

I also was worried about having to do my hair every day.  Because I am not a morning person, & so I usually skip the getting ready on school days, ahh or maybe it is because I am a super senior & know that my sleep really is THAT important. Good news though, I only do my hair twice a week, and I think it looks pretty decent every day.  Hooray!

On a side note, we had a visiting artist come talk down at the BYU Museum of Art.  She gave me some insight that I just haven't forgotten.  It is nothing new, but the way she said it really made an impact for me. She was talking about who you want to be.  She mentioned that if you want to be a spiritual person, or lead a spiritual life, you have to be spiritual.  You need to be constantly spiritual, reading your scriptures, and always doing what a spiritual person would do.

Someone who sometimes opens up their scriptures, or sometimes prays, or half heartedly tries to do what is right.  Are they really spiritual?   It kind of hit me because I want to be a spiritual person & so that means that is something I need to be doing in my life every day.  So great! This has changed my focus every day to try and act like the person I want to be one day at a time. It didn't overwhelm me with how many ways I can improve, just made me think that I am the person I act and think like every day.


  1. that picture of your cut hair is so rad! I totally would have been one of those negative people saying DON'T DO IT! because I've regretted cutting mine so bad and have spend 3 years growing it back. but good for you, i'm glad you love it :)

  2. Way to go ahead and cut your hair anyway! You are completely right, to take advice with a grain of salt! Everyone around you will always have an opinion, so do what you want anyway! And your hair is absolutely gorgeous! You are rocking the short hair! I love you!

  3. So I feel embarrassed I just now read this. Thanks for the support! Love you, can't wait for you second baby to come!