So this year we actually celebrated Halloween the weekend before.  I was trying to think of a really cheap costume, that would turn out nicely.  Mostly because you will never use the costume again, & why spend money when I already spend enough on school supplies?

So I thought it would be a great idea to go off of one of Lichtenstein's characters. It was great too, because Taylor jumped on board to the idea. How many different ways can he just be the best? The funny thing is, nobody knew who we were.  So no big deal, I explained to them what we were so they would understand.  I am hoping they all got on their computer and started studying a little about pop art after the party.  I can dream right?

So I have decided that at least ever so often, I will now be dressing up on Halloween with something related to art.  I am hoping to use Halloween as a way to teach people what is so important to me & what is so great about our culture.  I am really excited about it.

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