We kind of ate our way through Chicago when we were visiting.  They have really good food, & I had a nice Professor who sent me some great places to go eat.  

BONGO ROOM: This place was our favorite, we had to go there twice.  I would suggest going once for lunch & once for breakfast.  The Chorizo Omelette was super good, and we loved their french toast! For Lunch, we absolutely loved our Beef Tenderloin & Portobello Sandwiches. Their potatoes are a side for both breakfast & lunch, and they are awesome.  So get them! 

MILK & HONEY: This place first off has the best fresh squeezed orange juice I have had as of yet. They have really good pastry/breads.  They also make their own granola! We loved their french toast, & you should get their Breakfast Burrito.  Super good. 

PICK ME UP CAFE: This little hole in the wall is a place we were so glad to have gone.  They have a lot of vegetarian options.  We got a really good burrito & we also had a great goat cheese sandwich. It is also super close to Wrigley Field if you were on your way to go there. 

We loved the food in Chicago, I do think that you should at least try the Chicago Mix at Garret's Popcorn.  We also had the Chicago Style Pizza at Giordano's.  People really rave about their Chicago Style Pizza.  To be honest, it wasn't my complete favorite & I tried it from the best.  It was really good though, I will say that. I think I just prefer a pizza oven Margherita pizza. I like my cheese on top of my pizza.


  1. I haven't eaten at any of those places during my trips to Chicago! It seems like there are countless places to try!

  2. There really are! I would say fore sure go to Bongo room. Whenever I asked anyone where to eat they pointed me there.