School is over so I am going to post our trip from Chicago before it starts up again.  I was very busy, and am so happy those 18 credits are over. Yay!!! I did it.  Now on to being able to live a little bit more balanced.

Our trip to Chicago ended up being a very good one.  I really needed a break from school, and how hectic it was to even take one day off of school (which is crazy to me) I am so glad I did.  We spent the time wandering around this city like two little lost souls...trying to see anything and everything we could. I don't know why, but I love cities.  I love going to the little restaurants, talking to the locals on the subway, and of course spending time trying to really feel the culture and wonderful parts that city has to offer. 

We saw the bean!!! I have seen it in movies and talked about it in class, and I have wanted to see it for myself for so long. The look of it alone in the city  was enough for me, it is so great.  Taylor was not as impressed with looking at it and taking pictures, but after looking at the pictures I took, he thought it was pretty dang cool. You bet it is.  I just loved how much art inside and outside their was to see here.  

We had to stop by and try the Chicago mix at Garrett's.  I was very happy that we went, and they even offered us this free photo to remember it by.  It is a pretty great tourist photo if I must say so myself.  We stopped by on our walk on the magnificent mile.  It was a fun walk, and even made a stop to by something at Gap.  They had a lot on sale, and way more to choose from then my local mall in Provo.  So I was pretty happy.

We found ourselves at a Jazz club.  We listened to them for a good while, sat on old fashioned sofas, and ordered ourselves some soda. We may not drink alcohol, but we wanted to enjoy the experience of ordering drinks and just enjoying the atmosphere. 

Seriously? This place is pretty great.  It is so pretty in the fall, and luckily it was not too cold.  We went on an architecture tour and enjoyed seeing and hearing about the significance of all the buildings.  They might not have a long history, but it is pretty rich. It is a beautiful city to say the least. It was cool learning how all the buildings interact with each other, and how they were created to have a conversation with their surroundings.

We went and visited the University of Chicago and saw this.  Does it look familiar to anyone? It looks like we just found where they filmed parts of Harry Potter.  It was pretty cool.  Love the architecture in this city, and I love when plants grow on buildings.  That is something I think is pretty great. 

We are so happy that our friends let us stay with them while we were in Chicago.  It was such a great trip, and we were so glad to have a home to stay in, and spend some time with them. 

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