My professors have always told me that the art museums in Chicago are some of the best in the world. I was so happy to be able to see why! Even Taylor is starting to enjoy (in small quantities) the art museums that I take him to. The art in Chicago truly was amazing. In addition to the art, we were able to see the Field Museum of Natural History and the world famous Shedd Aquarium, which did not disappoint!

Seeing as we were going through this museum on halloween, we made sure to eat some candy from Felix Gonzales Torres. Thanks Felix! 

It was actually really fun seeing students from school talking about art, and seeing how they responded to it. Both Taylor and I loved listening.

So if you are not an aquarium person I am sorry.  I was in love with all the different jellyfish. It was cool seeing so much in one day, and realizing how much exists in this world.  It is crazy!

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