So...my final show is over, and I am back to living a lot more of a balanced life.  I will admit though, it was nice devoting all of my time to my art.  I mean, how often in my life will I be able to do that?

Because of my show Taylor and I didn't really celebrate Valentines (which means he really loves me, when he is content to let me paint), and my birthday weekend was right after my show.


Taylor threw me a big surprise. I know I am the artist at heart, but he is way more creative at doing things for me. I absolutely love it that he beats me in creativity sometimes. He has so many hidden talents that I keep finding out in him the longer we are married. I have never had happier surprises in my life, and I love spending the day with him.

He gave me five envelopes on Saturday morning, and let me open the first one once we were in the car! He knew what I had been missing since I was so busy January & February, and he also knows where to find new restaurants he knows I will dig.  We spent a night at a bed and breakfast, which is kind of our favorite thing to do at least once a year. So happy we were able to slow down and spend the day together. It had been far too long.

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