In honor of school being over, I wanted to share pictures of my show for those who were not able to come.  I had the most rewarding college experience I have ever had.  I was able to learn & grow as a person, intellectually, as well as an artist.  I am so grateful for my friends, family, & those at school who helped me along the way.  It was a great semester! Sad to be leaving my studio at school, but now all I have left is student teaching!

Side note: I have been working really hard to have a decent website, so I have one for my art that I am still working on, but check it out here.


  1. Well done Camilia! I'm so sad I couldn't be there! I love all your work and being able to see your whole journey. It's so true- our program and experience at BYU was so rewarding in so many different ways. Love and miss you!

  2. Oh Lisa I am so glad I met you in London! I love your art, & miss & love you too. It was definitely a journey in finding myself!