We went on a little camping trip over the weekend, & it was magic.

 Sometimes it is nice to just live with a few essentials.  We don't need more than that to be happy, & camping proves it. Of course, there were a few minor things that might have made the trip seem less than stellar, but when you put it into perspective, they are of little significance.

1. Our air mattress was broken, so we had sore backs when we woke up.
2. Our tents didn't have any stakes, & it proved to be real windy (but it stayed intact!)
3. We didn't have any bathrooms at the campsite (I made sure to frequent the restroom at Zions)
4. I used the dirt ground & the cooler to prepare all of our meals. 

In spite of those small inconveniences, we also had some really great benefits!
1. Our campsite was FREE (Although the dirt hill we rode up helped us realize partly why).
2. We had the most amazing view I have ever had at a campsite.
3. We found an amazing log that burned all night for the fire.
4. Our hike was well worth the view, & the temperature was just right.

I will admit, I was a little ornery when we got to the almost top of Angel's Landing hike.  I didn't realize the chain walking would be so long.  I felt like I was walking up a cliff.  But I made it, & am so happy my husband is so patient with me. 

Some of the sweet moments of out trip:

| Eating good food | S'mores by the campfire | Soft-serve Ice cream after a long hike | Good company & campfire talk | Looking out on top of the mountain | Watching the boys jump in the cold river to bath | Finding our free campsite | 

& what we ate:

Lemonade | Love cold lemonade with dinner outside.

Breakfast | Egg Croissant with tomato, avocado, parmesan, mayo, pepper & salt.

Lunch | Peanut butter, banana, & honey sandwiches.

Lunch | Turkey club sandwich with avocado, tomato, muenster cheese, & bacon. I pre cooked the bacon the night before & this hearty sandwich was welcomed after a long hike (not too soggy either).

| Dinner |

Corn | Wrap it in tin foil & put on the coals. It will cook fast!

Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts | Cook over the coals in a cast iron. 

Baby Back Ribs | I adapted the recipe to cook in the dutch oven, & it worked wonderfully. I will make my ribs like this from now on! They were falling off the bone, & boiling the ribs before got off all the gross stuff. 

Dessert | We love s'mores but we also like wrapping a banana with tin foil. Add in butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, graham cracker, & mini marshmallows. Put in fire for a little, and it is real good.

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