The floating market was probably one of my favorites to see outside of the city.  We were able to enjoy a nice boat ride while immersing ourselves in shopping, but we only shopped for food here! They have amazing mango & sticky rice here.  The mango is super sweet & ripe.  We actually ordered it twice while on the floating market.  & after that, we always got it when we saw it an

So our resort was a little ways from the road. We had to ride a boat to get to this remote place. It was soo cool. We actually stayed in the jungle.  It was super pretty, & we were even able to float down this river a time or to. 

We visited a railroad that was built during WWII. It is so crazy how many people were affected by that war.  There were a lot of people here working, dying, & hoping to survive. Isn't it interesting though, that train we rode on were the tracks that were originally built from that time? That is insane to me. 
Might I add that I love doughnuts, & I am going to have to figure out what is different about these, because they were amazing.
We visited a local school, & gave them school supplies before we left.  They were all super sweet, photogenic, & they loved having Taylor there.  They were so fun, & practiced their english with us, it was so much fun. If teaching is anything like this, I think I will like it!

All in all, our trip to Thailand far exceeded our expectations.  One question we keep getting from people is why did we visit Thailand? I know maybe it seems random to some, but we like traveling.  Why is Thailand any less valid than going to Hawaii on vacation? We want to go to all kinds of places.  So there's that.


  1. you have grown so much as a photographer!! lovely photos.

  2. Thanks Larissa! I sure do love seeing you through social media. Cannot even believe you are a mama! Congrats!