Might we notice the 7 eleven sign on the left.  They are everywhere! Our tour guide said that soon they will have more 7-eleven's than temples.  & they have a lot of temples, but are starting to really love their 7-eleven.
Getting lunch from the streets of Bangkok.  They didn't speak english when we were ordering, so we just pointed to what everyone was getting.  Haha it is good to try what the locals are eating, even when you don't even know what you ordered. Super cheap too!

We went on a fun boat tour in the evening with dinner & everything.  Taylor rounded up the guests for a great dance party, it was pretty great. 

 We really loved the endless amounts of Buddha encounters throughout our trip.  I really do think the religion here is a big part of why these people are the way they are.  They have all been pretty humble, loving, & nice.

We have loved visiting the palaces, & learning about the history of Thailand. Also, isn't it super cool that at every single temple there are monks? They really take this stuff seriously, & I thought it was pretty cool.

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