As if you are not sick of all of my Thailand posts, I am going to give you fair warning that we will probably have a few more after this! It was just too much fun.  We probably enjoyed exploring the city the most out of a lot of the things on our trip.  It was a fun, relaxing day.  We rented a motor scooter for a whole $6 for the entire day.  Happiness can come that cheap.  It is in Thailand.  It was hard getting Taylor to get off the bike to hang out at the beach, or stop for lunch.  He was in love with riding the coast all day long, & I can't say I blame him.  We had such a good time.  Tay even talked me into petting a freaking baby tiger.  It costs twice as much to see a baby, but if you are thinking what I am thinking, there is a reason the adult tigers don't cost that much to hang out with. No thank you, I will pay more to keep my life. We found a wonderful massage lady next to our hotel. She was fantastic, & I really felt like we had become good friends. We came back night after night.  $7 dollar full body, 1 hour massage.  That is what I call a deal.  Groupon, you have been beat! 

One of my favorite things was happening upon this local market.  We were the only tourists so it made it seem like a super authentic experience.  There was lots of food & people working.  It was pretty fun.  Everything was sooo cheap. like 10 or 30 cents in american money.  I knew we were in the local area just for that reason.  We knew we had to try something so we tried something a lady was cooking in banana leaf.  It ended up being really good! It had banana, coconut & sticky rice all together. Then they grill it over the fire once it is wrapped in banana leaf.  So good! 
These Tuk Tuk's here do not mess around.  This is what the local people will hop in if they don't have a vehicle or motor scooter themselves.  With the crazy driving, I am pretty impressed I didn't see any accidents in the city areas. 
It's too bad I didn't get what this street looks like in action.  There are a lot of transvestites in Phuket, & one lady (should I call the person a lady?) wiped Taylor's mouth with a napkin for him after we had eaten some dragonfruit on an island we were on.  One of the funniest moments of the trip for sure! 
 We finally tried the fish massage/pedicure.  It was a lot more interesting than I thought.  They really eat at you, & tickle you & it feels like they are eating you alive for 10 minutes. But I will say I had a lot less dead skin when we were done! It was great.  

If you go to Thailand, make sure, that you visit Phuket.  It is cool experiencing another culture, asian food, & historical sites when you spend some vacationing at a beach.

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