Hey Denver, Happy 4th of July!

We went to Denver to visit friends & family over the weekend.  It was such a treat to see everyone.  We went to the rockies game while we were here, & it was a lot of fun.
This is a must! Make sure you go to Little Man's & get some yummy ice cream.  The line was super long, so we went to the express line.  Of course, you must get salted oreo.  I love salted anything, so it was not a very hard choice to make.
We had a lot of fun visiting Ryan & his family.  Makenna even let me wash & brush her hair.  Amanda told me it is next to impossible to do so, so I should feel lucky.  I did of course, but she didn't las long before she told me I couldn't finish brushing her hair.
By the way, before we went on this fun adventure of Archery together, we had a fantastic meal.  Ryan & Amanda really treated us.  We had the best ribs I have ever had, so good that you do not need any BBQ sauce on them.  Anyway, we had a really fun time shooting targets on this holiday weekend.
We were shooting 3D targets & Makenna decided that these ones were here horsey.  She kept telling Keedan not to kill the horsey with his bow & arrow, but Keedan keep saying he was going to shoot his arrow.  It was so funny! For some reason as long as we pretended that we were not hitting the horsey, Makenna was fine.  
There Cheyenne is trying to grab my camera. It was something she loved, & I am just glad we were able to spend time with family & friends over the 4th of July weekend. 


  1. That ice cream place sounds yummy. Great Pics!

  2. Awesome pics!!! Especially of baby Cheyenne! What camera do you have?

  3. Thanks Hannah! I could snuggle & take pictures of Cheyenne any day. I have been using a Sony nex 5n (if you have any questions about cameras shoot me an email) That line is soooo nice though, & I love how small it is with the same quality as a APSC sensor of a DSLR. You can use different lenses too. I am selling mine now if you are interested! I also have a Nikon d800, which is a lot more expensive, but most of the photos on my blog are with the sony nex.