Up the gigantic, tall mountain we go!

Well here we are at 4am hiking Mount Timpanogas. I don't know how my husband is able to talk me into these things, but when I was almost to the top, I about lost it. My body was aching, & I really didn't know how I would walk all the way back down the mountain with my jello thighs. I will admit, I even cried on this hike. I do feel pretty darn good I made it to the top.....well almost to the top. I made it to the base, the point before going up to the summit. You see, after about 5 1/2 hours of hiking, I couldn't walk up anymore. Part of the reason was me thinking how in the world I would physically be able to walk down the mountain. Out of our whole group, Taylor was the only one to go to the very top. You rock hun! Also, every time we go on a hike I am yet reminded that I am the one who needs a break, & who is hurting, & who is really slowing everyone else down. But, I literally cannot help that. I tried my very hardest, & that's all that I can do. I have no regrets, glad I made it to the almost top! Some spectacular views to say the least.


  1. beautiful pictures! I feel like Timp humbles and surprises everyone by how hard it is to hike. It is this gigantic tall mountain but somehow since it's a hike a lot of people do, we don't give it enough credit for how strenuous it actually is! If it makes you feel any better, that hike absolutely completely killed me. I think I cried too. And definitely hated most of the steps down

  2. Thanks Dana! I am so happy to hear someone shares my pain. I look back & am so glad I made the hike, but so many people act like it is a normal hike we should do every Saturday or something.