We visited Michigan over Halloween weekend.  Although we didn't dress up for halloween, we still got plenty spooked.  I felt like the Detroit area is such a sad place. What used to be booming is so, so quiet now.  We found so many buildings just vacant, while next door someone might be living in that house.  I also just read an article about Detroit talking about most of the restaurants in the city & that most of the people eating in those restaurants are 90% white customers. It does make me wonder if there is a divide in this city.  This city once was booming, & it was quite an experience seeing what remained.

We went and visited the neighborhood where Motown started. It was so cool learning about how everything got started, & how they got involved in the music industry.  We were able to visit the legendary recording studio where all the singers would record.
We visited the Henry Ford Museum! We saw all the vehicles the Presidents of the United States drove in. & every President had their own style of car. We saw a lot of other cool stuff, but of course we saw so much of the car industry while we were there. I was fascinated by all the old advertisements in the 1900's. I thought they were hilarious.  Back then there was a substitute that came out for sugar, but later they realized it was causing cancer.  With all the new stuff that comes out these days, I feel like I am safe sticking to regular old butter & sugar. 

We went to the Big House! It was freezing!!!! The sun came out & was hitting us for a little bit, & it felt so good & relaxing, I fell asleep! Who falls asleep at a football game? 
We toured the University of Michigan & they had an awesome museum with lots of artists I know & love.  We also went to another museum in Detroit that had some great pieces.

We visited a cider mill, the most popular one of course! It had amazing hot cider & doughnuts. I was pleasantly surprised.  The sun came out while we were there, & it was so nice.

We came to Michigan mostly to visit these sweet friends of ours!  Jared & Taylor grew up together, & have been friends for a long time. I actually met Jared & Kelsey when Taylor & I started dating.  So I consider them good friends now too! It has been almost 5 years since we started dating! That is crazy. We do love exploring too, & what better time to come to Michigan?  Look how cute their little girl is? She is a doll. Her name is Olivia. 

What a great trip! Thanks for being awesome hosts Jared & Kelsey!

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