17 Mile Drive

On our way out from San Francisco, we stopped at half moon bay.  I was able to meet up with a few photographers and do a small styled shoot in this same spot we took our pictures! I am excited to show them soon. After that, we drove down Highway 1 until we arrived at Monterey. We stayed the night there, and then woke up and enjoyed driving through the 17 mile drive. It was so beautiful, and way fun to make so many stops along that coast. During that trip, I found that I am quite fascinated in taking pictures of the ocean. It made me want to live by the ocean for a while because every "portrait" of the ocean I took felt so different. It reminds me so much about life, me, and the future I have ahead. It is a visual of the unknown. And yet, the waves come back and forth in a consistent pattern. Always constant, waves never changing, calm and peaceful. I am so grateful for the depth of creations we are able to experience in this world.

We started the 17 mile drive pretty early in the morning.  Taylor always gets so excited about our adventures, he wants to accomplish as much as we possibly can, so that means starting as early as we possibly can. Usually this entails his schedule of the day to start at about 6am and by the time we get home, I am pretty excited for some sleep! I have also never been a morning person so you can see how this could be quite difficult for me sometimes.  In my mind, some days it would be nice to be able to wake up at 8:30am on a vacation. Just an idea. Although, Taylor (the morning person in the relationship) usually wins, and I wake up early to go on these adventures. Sometimes we decide I will be able to sleep in the car, but that never happens haha. 

So here is our 17 mile drive we started early in the morning. It started really foggy because it was so early, but we were glad to experience that part of the beauty as well. We started getting worried it wouldn't clear up, but of course it did. It was a wonderful day of early morning adventuring!

Taylor was in heaven just driving around Pebble Beach Golf Course. It is his dream to play there someday, and I am sure one day that dream will come true! We were also able to see the iconic lone cypress. 

We stopped in Carmel, had a famous pastry, walked down the streets, and looked at the mission they had there. Fun, little stop on our way down to Southern California!

We ended with a beautiful walk over at Point Lobos.  Look at that panoramic view! ...You can also see the sun really did end up coming out, and it was quite strong as you can see from our squinty eyes.


  1. Camilia, you are such a talented photographer!! These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Beautiful pictures! You're a good sport to wake up early with your hubby!

  3. Thanks Karen, you are so sweet to say that. The scenery is so beautiful huh? It makes me want to live on any kind of coast.