San Francisco (Christmas Part 1)

We decided to spend Christmas in California this year. I had a wedding in Reno we were driving to, so from there we drove to San Francisco. While I was photographing the wedding, Taylor was on the slopes at North Star. He had a pow day!

On the way to San Francisco we stopped for breakfast to eat with the grandparents. Aren't they just a delight? We realize they are much better at the selfie than we are, yes we will work on that.

I have never driven from Utah to San Francisco so it was quite the treat. We also didn't do many of the regular tourist stuff. Instead, we took BART downtown and walked around the mission district finding all of the sweet murals in San Francisco. We also walked in a lot of thrift stores and antique shops that are on the road. We ate some good food, and hung out with great friends. It was a short trip in San Fran, but we were so glad we could stop by! After San Francisco, we drove down Highway 1 all the way down to Laguna Beach. Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

Bob's doughnuts. If you go to San Francisco, go here. Funny story, two years ago, before we were leaving San Francisco I attempted to come here. My wonderful iPhone led me to the wrong doughnut shop. After waiting two years, I am here to tell you, definitely go to Bob's. It is the best! Not to mention, this cute old asian lady is in charge there.  She also has a hunchback, and I really think it shows well how hard she works in this little shop!
Yep, I am so excited about doughnuts you can see the crumbs on my face.  We didn't take pictures of our doughnuts we ate because they were so good. Best maple doughnut and apple fritter I have ever had! If you go to Bob's doughnuts, go in the evening. We went at about 9pm and they were nice and fresh!
Thanks to the Johansens we had an amazing place to stay! Thanks for letting us come visit. It was quite the party at their house, as you can tell.

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