Laguna Beach

Before we got down to Laguna to spend Christmas, we stopped at Disneyland! I was able to take my friend Brittany's engagements, and even though we were there during busy season, it was well worth it! We also spent some time on the rides, and we ate lunch there as well. We did have fun, but we actually didn't end up going on a ton of rides because there was a 75 minute wait for each one in the evening. We waited in line for one ride (Indiana Jones, of course), and then we headed to Laguna.

While I was taking pictures on the carousel for their engagements, the worker kept getting mad at me for facing this direction so I could take their photo. I also thought it was funny because we were going like 3 mph. So I made sure to face the right direction when he saw me, but I had to snap away during the other parts. Also, he thought I was their mom because I was taking pictures or something. Way too funny! I can't believe I already look like a mom.
One of the reasons Taylor and I had ended up in California for Christmas (besides all my photoshoots), was to see baby Rex! This is Taylor's first nephew on his side, and he is already growing way too fast. He is a pretty cute santa, I must say.
We got Rex this cute tie for Christmas. It was exactly what he wanted!
We went on a lovely hike with everyone, and we were also able to spend some great time at the beach as a family. I was happy for all the warm weather we had the whole trip! Of course, right now in Provo it has been pretty warm for the winter.
Kollyn and Taylor were having a blast out in the water. Can you tell they are using a frisbee to row the boat?
Let us end with our impromptu family photo on the beach. I had to photoshop someone into this picture so we were all in it, bet you can't guess who it was.

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