New Zealand Part 1: Hamilton & The Shire

This was our spot for a few hours waiting in the international wing of the LA airport.  We had to snap a pic once we were out of that area. Classic! 
This is Taylor and his friend Luke.  The Metekingi family was so nice and welcoming letting us stay with them at their house.  They live super close to the LDS temple in Hamilton.  Isn't it pretty?
This is Luke and Corbin's daughter.  As long as she could eat what I was eating, we were best friends.
They even had a trampoline in the backyard. Had to document these crazy, brave little ones! 
Be prepared for a ton more cow pictures. Honestly, I love all the open land in New Zealand.  All the meat is so fresh, and the dairy tastes so good. It is amazing what happens when animals are taken care of and live on enough land.
Getting really excited to go see the shire! 
I really loved that this is a permanent sign at the shire.  I like Lord of the Rings, but I didn't realize how much fun it would be to see this kind of stuff in person. It was really cool!
A little side note about this tree, it is fake! They spent so much money and time making this tree look real though! There are a lot of different shades of leaf on this tree, and it looks so real. But you may be wondering why they decided to place a fake tree here...Well, in the Lord of the Rings series there was a much larger, real tree in the same spot. When they came out with the Hobbit series, which chronologically takes place before LOTR, they needed the tree to look about 60 years younger. So they built a smaller version! Interesting, huh? 
That bridge is the famous bridge that Gandolf rides over in the movie. I believe it is the first LOTR? Don't quote me on that.
My favorite photo of the sheep. Way too cute in the rain.

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