Catalina Island - Memorial Day Weekend (Yep, catching up!)

We went to Catalina Island in May when we visited Taylor's dad in California. Kind of funny because I am actually pregnant in all these pictures, but nobody knew yet! I was about 10 weeks pregnant. I was feeling a little bit of the nausea, and I had to make sure I ate enough food, especially in the morning. That can be tricky when you are staying at someone's house, but need food immediately when you wake up. Taylor was a rockstar as my partner in crime keeping a secret.  He was so helpful making sure I had enough food, knowing what food I couldn't eat (because it surprisingly happened a lot this trip....I cannot eat lunch meat that has been sitting in the fridge for who knows how long, it grosses me out, and I am not supposed to eat it anyway). I felt nausea in the car a few times (Taylor's dad likes to drive like he is literally on the speedway), & I did feel a little sick on the boat ride over to Catalina Island.  All in all, I came for support, but wasn't all that excited because I felt like there wasn't a ton I could or wanted to do. Snorkeling actually makes me really sick while pregnant. So Taylor's brother and I were pretty content to hang out on the beach, eat food, and read our books while the other boys went Snorkeling. ...I even had to say no to hot tubbing on this trip, haha I thought for sure one of these boys would figure out I was pregnant for sure!
Me thinking Taylor is smiling at the camera, nope. haha.

We went to the San Juan Capistrano mission while we were in California, and it honestly is one of my favorites we have been to. So glad we made this stop and explored the area! It was beautiful.

Happy Memorial Day! So Happy we spent it in California. & super grateful that while I was a little sick at times, or just had to make sure I wasn't starving,--I still didn't have the crazy, horrible morning sickness that everyone has had. I threw up a few times while pregnant, but I think it's because I didn't get food in me fast enough or I hadn't eaten enough. 

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