So, Tay is pretty good at finding good deals for our trips. He always says, "You're not gonna be able to say no to this one" and I usually can't. When he told me that we would be able to go to New Zealand AND Tahiti and stay for three nights for free at a nice resort in Tahiti, I couldn't say no. Both places were on our list, so it was pretty cool to be able to check them both off on one trip. Here are a few highlights of our short three day stopover in Tahiti on our way back home. 

Our first day we spent going on an excursion into the rainforest. We had the tour 4x4 buggy all to ourselves, and were able to see some pretty beautiful scenery including waterfalls, lush forest, and even a worship temple that some locals still go to. On the way out, we also saw some locals surfing! 

Moorea: Our second day we took a ferry to the island of Moorea, which is just about an hour boat ride from Tahiti. We did Tay's favorite activity, rented a motorized scooter and rode around the whole island. There were some amazing beaches and view points we stopped at along the way, it was truly lush and tropical. The water here was about as blue as it comes, which was fun to spend some time in as well. In these kinds of situations Tay is always trying to get back on the scooter and see and explore the next place, while I am always fighting to stay at one place for a while and just enjoy. At the end of the day, I think we both compromise a little to get a good balance. We also stopped for lunch at a family's house right next to the water that they set up as a restaurant, it was fun to get some good home cooked food right next to the ocean in their backyard. One memory from this experience was that Tay kept feeding their dog so he wouldn't leave us alone in spite of me cautioning him not to. Sometimes boys will be boys I suppose. 

Our last day of the trip I was able to convince Tay to stay and just relax at our resort, which he was actually glad to do. I think we both just needed a day to wind down before our long trip back to the US the next day. Our resort was really nice. It had a bunch of different pools (some sand bottom, some infinity, some normal), hammocks, and a little lagoon area with some fish and other aquatic life where we could go snorkeling. We also played some tennis at the courts they had there which was fun as well. 

We finished our trip with a visit to the local downtown area which comes to life every night with tons of food trucks and music. We got the famous steak and frites, as well as some crepes for dessert. One thing I loved about Tahiti was hearing all the French being spoken. I just love that language. The Tahiti locals were all very nice and friendly as well. 

Well, that's a wrap for our trip! It's crazy to believe that our next international trip will be with our new baby boy. Can't wait to start taking him on our adventures with us! 

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