Almost 34 Weeks Pregnant!

How Far Along: 34 Weeks

How big is baby?  Almost 5lbs

Weight Gain: I have gained 30lbs so far! We will see how much more I gain. I am not worried, and am just taking it as a number. Everyone is different, and I try not to let this get to me. I do admit, it is weird getting on the scale and seeing such a large number I have ever seen, but that's okay!

Symptoms: I must admit, this pregnancy has been pretty good to me. I know some have it a lot worse. That being said, this is still my own pregnancy experience, and I have realized that I certainly still have symptoms that can be hard.  I was lucky enough not to have too much nausea in the beginning.  I would wake up being soooooo hungry my first trimester, and feeling a little sick. I always made sure to eat right away, and I was lucky to only have had to throw up 3 times.  My third trimester has probably been the hardest.  I have had pretty bad bleeding gums for most of my 2nd and 3rd trimesters, which are not fun.  I need to buy a new toothbrush! I also have had some nerve pain throughout my pregnancy that sends a shooting pain all down my leg.  Luckily that hasn't happened on a consistent basis.  I had a few nights where I would stretch, and quickly regret it because I would get a giant charley horse in my calf.  I have experienced a lot of pelvic pain, some days more painful than others. Thank goodness for acupuncture and chiropractors! I went to an appointment a few weeks ago, and since then my pelvic pain has improved immensely.  It is still there, but I don't cringe or feel like I don't want to move. The worst symptom I have experienced thus far is probably TMI. haha, but I have to document. I was experiencing muscle spasms in my rectum....Hard to explain, but they are shooting pains that come on like a charley horse, but it feels more like a stabbing knife going through your rectum.  I had it for 2 weeks, and honestly didn't want to move. I would get out of bed, or it would come while I was laying, walking, or sitting.  It happened about 30 times a day, 5 of which were such a shooting pain that I would start crying.  Taylor was having the hardest time watching this, because there wasn't much we could do about it.  Some people told me they experienced this throughout the whole pregnancy. I am so glad to report it has gone away for the most part! The next 6 weeks would have been unbearable.  It did make me think that I could handle contractions if I was experiencing those spasms. I will report on that after the birth! 

Sleeping: Getting a little harder to sleep.  Taylor feels like another human is in bed with us with all the pillows I use to create a nest that makes it somewhat comfortable. Turning from side to side is getting harder, and not my favorite thing to do. I love the nights I don't wake up 3 times to go to the bathroom. I try not to drink a lot before bed, but sometimes I get thirsty! 

Food cravings: Nothing specific right now. I am mostly loving yummy, hot dinner.  I always love tacos. & I am still loving drinking my raspberry tea every day!

Food Aversions: I am not loving eggs, don't hate them, but it takes me forever to eat breakfast if I make them.  I have mostly just settled on eating cheerios every morning, because it's easy and fast. haha, I am slowing down.

Miss Anything? Not being able to walk around as fast. I think I am starting to walk like a pregnant lady, and I can't walk too fast, or I might feel pressure somewhere fun.

Gender: Boy! 

Wedding Ring On or Off? Off. I felt it getting a little tighter, and just took it off. Wearing a nice loose, band now.

Maternity Clothes: I am mostly wearing dressed up sweats, leggings, and dresses. I only have 6 weeks left, so I am trying to hold out on buying warmer maternity clothes for winter. I am mostly at home anyway so I feel like I can just rotate what I wear each week.

Movement: I am definitely having movement, and sometimes when I sit down he starts moving like crazy.  I don't feel huge kicks because my placenta is anterior, so I am sure with my next pregnancy I will realize how little I felt, but I am happy with what I have been feeling. Sometimes I can see and feel something big poking out of my stomach, that is so fun!

What I did/Got for baby: I bought a few things I needed on our registry, and am excited to get them! Ya know, bottles and breast pads! Lot's of fun. 

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing putting stuff up on the walls of the nursery. So happy it is almost done! Decorating is really hard. Also looking forward to the holidays! I am excited to just hang out and enjoy this time before baby comes. 

Best moment of the week: My husband taking care of me, & making a delicious dinner.  I also loved both my baby showers! I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received from family and friends. I don't think we could have afforded to buy everything we needed, and I really felt all the love. My best friend Shaleigh was also in her first trimester during my baby shower, so I am super grateful for her hard work! 

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