37 Week update!

I am so happy to share some photos we took during my pregnancy.  I was 35 weeks when we took these, but I basically still look the same, so I will just post them for my 37 week one. I also realize now that I may have been a little too anxious and exciting to finally have rounded out a bit more. So some of my pictures, I am really pushing my belly out in an effort to really look pregnant. I am happy with the results! I honestly can't believe we are so close, and it makes me so excited and happy for this time, and to meet our sweet little boy. I have imagined being a mother for a long time, and think often about the kind of mom I want to be. I worry about being a good mom, what that means, and how I can also fulfill my life as a person, & also with my family. I know this is the right step to bringing even more happiness and purpose into our lives, & I am so grateful Heavenly Father has given me this opportunity to become pregnant, and experience life on a whole new level. Thank you so much to Christine Barlow Photography for taking these amazing pictures!

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

How big is baby?  6.5 lbs!

Weight Gain: I have gained 30lbs so far! Not much difference in the past few weeks.

Symptoms: I am trying to think of what has been new. I would probably say the baby has started rolling parts of his body instead of little jabs. So the "kicks" are much softer, but sometimes I see his little bum spread out and my tummy expands and goes back down. I love it. He also likes to put pressure on my bladder. Had to walk VERY slowly throughout hobby lobby the other day because he was having a fun time doing that repeatedly. I am just having pelvic bone pain more now. So that's a lot of fun! But it does mean my body is getting ready for baby to come, which is a good thing.

Sleeping: Getting used to extra trips to the bathroom at night. I must admit, I am lucky to not set my alarm so I still get my needed hours of sleep even if bedtime is more uncomfortable. The worst part is rolling over in bed. I feel like a whale, and it takes a whole minute to switch sides. & of course the pelvic pain hurts the worst at that time, so I don't switch sides until my one side is absolutely numb.

Food cravings: Pretty average. I just started eating 6 dates a day! It's not a craving, but it is supposed to help with labor and post labor that I read about it in a pretty cool study.

Food Aversions: I still don't love spinach on its own, but I am getting better.

Miss Anything? Just sleeping on my tummy. ...Oh I do miss being able to wear some of my pants. Who knows when I will get back into those, but I am so far now that I want to wait to buy pants until after baby comes.

Gender: Boy! 

Wedding Ring On or Off? Off still :D 

Maternity Clothes: Mostly comfy sweaters and leggings. I also sport some nice looking sweats as pants! haha.

Movement: More like rolling now, and it is fun to know where his bum, toes, head, and hands are positioned.

What I did/Got for baby: I bought a solly wrap on black friday! I know I will love using it, and can't wait! ...We also got our breastpump in the mail. So thanks United Health Care!

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing decorating our house, getting closer to Christmas, and practicing for labor! It is getting so exciting!

Best moment of the week: Putting up all our Christmas decorations, enjoying hot chocolate, and just having fun in our home. It all feels like we are getting ready for baby, and it all makes me so excited!


  1. So so excited for you guys! You will love being a mom! And good idea with the dates. You'll be glad you did that!

    1. Thanks Talia! We can't wait, so much fun/excitement/nervous all wrapped together. We know we will love it though!

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful in every way

    1. Thanks so much Mom! We were glad we were able to get some photos.