Bryce Canyon || 24 weeks!

We really fit in a lot of camping trips this summer and fall while I have been pregnant. I mean, thank goodness I didn't have too much nausea. I have had some fun sciatic and pelvic pain, but I have been able to work through that even on hikes and other things. I am glad we hiked all over Bryce Canyon this time around with some fun friends! I will admit, I got a little hangry/hot at one point. haha, I was done, and ready to go home but we had a long ways to go still when we hiked the narrows. Taylor was SO kind even with me being not the kindest, and even held his arm up for 5 minutes so I could walk in shade. I couldn't be ornery after that. & hiking the narrows was so worth it! I had to have Brendon and Taylor help me up and down a few times, because some spots dropped pretty far down, but we made it! Someone was skeptical I would be able to wiggle my way through with my pregnant belly, but we did it! 

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