First Family Photos

I feel like so much has happened since we have taken these photos. Peter has already grown so much, and I have went through a lot more postpartum than I thought possible...ha and that story is for another day. Being on 800mg of ibuprofen at the hospital, while also laying in bed all day certainly helps you forget what awaits you when you get home....& I don't mean taking care of the baby. Mostly that you don't realize what a wreck that your body is in. Really. It is amazing to me how our bodies can heal, but there are certainly steps to that process. Oops...back on topic. I look back at the hospital days, still can't believe we had our baby early christmas afternoon. Those days in the hospital were bliss. So were the first few days at home. I honestly felt so much joy hit me so often, tears would well up in my eyes. I loved watching Taylor take on his new role as a father. It was just as I had imagined, and we were just full of happiness. So much it is hard to describe! I remember we were able to take the sacrament while we were in the hospital. It was such a sacred moment as a family. I couldn't help but cry while we had the sacrament. It was so special, and I felt of God's love so strongly. I remember them reading a scripture that made me realize Heavenly Father was watching over us and cared about me. 

These are our first family photos, and they are dear to my heart. Peter already has outgrown these, which is crazy!

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