Papa's Funeral

We were so glad that Peter was able to meet Papa one time before he passed away. We are so glad we made the effort to see him on Peter's blessing day, or else he wouldn't have been able to meet him. I sure will love that four generation picture. We attended Papa's funeral, and it was such an amazing service. There were so many people that talked about his greatness, but it struck me how it was mostly just the little things in life. Paying attention to people and focusing on the Lord really does make a huge impact. He left an amazing legacy to his family, and I am honored to call myself a Lund. He always treated me like his own grandchild, and I loved having him as a Papa for the time I did here on earth. So glad he has been able to reunite with his sweet Nana. One of my favorite parts about the service was when all his grandkids shared their favorite memories with him. Taylor talked about when they golfed together and Taylor fell into the lake and Papa reached out his hand, and helped him out of the lake. That event, while humorous at the time, proved time and time again to be true for Papa's character. Taylor has watched and seen how he helps reach out a hand, believe in others, and how he has impacted Taylor's life. What a great story to remember!

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