Peter's Blessing Day.

Peter's blessing day sure was such a special day. It was the first time in my life I bore my testimony before anyone else. Mostly because I didn't know if Peter would cry at all during sacrament. Taylor gave Peter a beautiful blessing, and one special part that stood out was about Peter being kind and a compassionate person. I also loved how the blessing included him being an example to his future siblings, and making our home such a happy place. The rest of the sacrament meeting followed the trend of compassion and love. It was a very special meeting, full of the spirit. I was so grateful to bear my testimony of Jesus Christ. I was able to share my experience of feeling especially close to Mary at the end of my pregnancy, and then more so when Peter was born on Christmas day himself. He is able to share his birthday with someone very special, and I hope he is able to look at it that way. I shared how much of a blessing Peter is in our lives, and how I wouldn't be where I was without the atonement in my life. It's so true. It's so wonderful to know that even though I made a few mistakes in my past, I have been able to find happiness and be forgiven through the atonement. I feel so extremely blessed with our family. Peter is so special to us, and he is one kind hearted, lights up the room, and is full of big spirits! We love him so much!

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